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Le 13 octobre rendez vous à Olslo pour le Mirage film festival. Projection en présence du réalisateur.

lundi 10 octobre 2022, par La cavale

A masterful mosaic story that digs deep down into the untold story of intense love, of sickness and resilience. The story of a first love that marked two teenage girls forever.

SPECIAL SCREENING : 13th of October (4:30 PM). A french evening with a presentation by the Fransk Kulturhus and an exclusive meeting with the director of the film.

After the death of his grandmother Emma, Robin Hunzinger and his mother Claudie found a carefully preserved collection of letters which Emma received from a girl called Marcelle. Marcelle and Emma met in the mid-1920s. Secretly, love blossomed between the two teenage girls, but after two years they parted ways. Marcelle developed tuberculosis and was admitted to a sanatorium, where she wrote many letters to Emma, letters that still burn with great evocative power. At the sanatorium, rebellious Marcelle, nicknamed ‘Ultraviolette’, led a group of three young women who were also sick. The film, told through Marcelle’s eloquent letters, combines archive footage, avant-garde films, and music to create a sensuous, poetic atmosphere of absolute love, a daring young woman ahead of her time and a group of kindred spirits that break the barrier of time.